Murano Glass bubbles on show in Venice

Murano Glass bubbles on show in Venice

On show in an exclusive exhibition on the island of Murano is a new exhibition called “Istanti di Vetro” (Moments of glass). This unique show can be viewed up until the 8th of December.

The Murano exhibition is showcasing some wonderful pieces of locally made Murano glass like soap bubbles, necklaces, bracelets and  vases. Often the glass pieces are produced by the interweaving of bright colours, from blue to green, including a very bright Grey acid colour. Generally Murano is known for it’s beautiful classic candeliers or stylish lighting, still a visit to this exhibition could inspire you to add smaller pieces to your collection.

The high quality items on display really showcase the creativity and professionalism of the producers Marina and Susanna. Rather than go for the classic Murano tradition of classically designed pieces, they have gone for a very contemporary design and transformed the Murano glass objects into wonderful jewellery and objects of artistic value which are designed to be worn without fear of breaking them. In fact the pieces have been in so much demand that they are already being sold all around the world including the Moma art gallery in New York city and Tokyo, and the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

With the many curves, colours and “minimal” designs and at the same time very spectacular to see, the exhibition that inaugurates this month in a new art space called Sent-glass, which is being used both as a showroom and art gallery, with which the two sisters Marina and Susanna are celebrating 20 years in business for their company.

Here, the particular becomes the protagonist. Close-up images of transparent bubbles that appear swollen and float in mid-air and dense coloured medallions; micro-pearls that you can make bracelets out of, blown up in fluorescent spirals. On show are Forty-five photographs from large formats: on the ground floor, in full colour, fifteen prints 50 x 70 matte on forex panels, wrapped in thick black wood frames looking like they are holding back the explosion of colours. Upstairs instead are images of objects more transparent and ethereal, with thirty hot glued digital prints on aluminium, 70 x 100 blades.

A visit to this exhibition is also an opportunity to experience the “new” Murano, far removed from the classic designs of the island of Murano.

Exhibition name: “Istanti di Vetro”

Location: Spazio Sorelle Sent, Fondamenta Serenella 20, Murano, Venice

Opening times: Monday to Friday (10:00am to 5pm)

Murano glass Jewellery

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