“Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 


anima veneziana

3am, 10th May 2020: I suddenly woke up all excited. I had the most amazing dream!

Actually, more than a dream, it was an idea!

Too bad I had to wait till morning to share it with my friends to see if it was, in fact, a good idea or, rather, some crazy unfeasible dream, born out of frustration from the lockdown.

So, early on a Sunday morning, I called Romena Brugnerotto, of RomInVenice, a local tour guide and travel blogger – my partner in crime for many Venetian adventures!


anima veneziana


The night before we discussed live on Instagram with our followers the fact that we were pretty fed up of seeing all those videos of an empty Venice during lockdown, showing the “usual” iconic monuments, kind of declaring the death of the city.

No, Venice was not dead! And it needed to be told!

And that was what my dream was all about!

I dreamt that we were making a film showing the world a Living Venice, with its inhabitants and those working there, on a normal daily life! I dreamt that Venice itself was telling the story.

And this is how Anima Veneziana, meaning Venetian Soul, was born!

I explained to Romena my dream; I told her the story (which is still top secret of course) and after a moment silence, she kind of gave out a little sob. Surprised I asked her what was happening and she replied: “You just made me cry. It’s beautiful! Let’s do it!”

I called some other friends and practically the reaction was the same.

Mmmm, ok, this might just be a good idea, after all! – I thought.

But those who really know me well, know also that I am a very practical and go-and-do person. I have big crazy dreams, but I also know that they need to be practical, not just pretty!

I immediately got in contact with a Venetian film director in Los Angeles and explained my plan. I was expecting him to just laugh out loud. Instead he told me he loved the idea and it was definitely doable.

He could not help practically since he was stuck in USA, but he will put me in touch with people who would love to help out!


anima veneziana federico bizzarini


Enters Federico Bizzarini, renowned Venetian film director, who I accidentally worked with during the last Venice Carnival, during a cooking class with the Festa delle Marie!

Federico first reaction was a good long silence, then he immediately started to tell me what and how to do it and who to involve. Ok, I thought: “He likes it too. Maybe it is a decent idea then!”

Federico then spoke to Lorenzo Pezzano, famous Director of Photography, with a long career in filming in Venice. Lorenzo, after a long silence (yes, everybody was a bit shocked at first) told me it could be done, but since we were not talking about a Mom-and-pop’s video, but something seriously professional, the budget could not be low.


anima veneziana lorenzo pezzano


I grinned, cause all I was hearing was: It can be done!

Skip to today, literally 2 months, many phone calls, lots of meetings, plenty of headache later : Anima Veneziana’s crowdfunding has been launched!

Yes, the business plan is done, we gathered the support of so many local Venetian associations, businesses and residents, we have the support of a reliable established non-profit association!

Looks like we are set! Oh no wait: we need money, lots of money, tons of money!

50,000 Euros!

Hence the crowdfunding!


But why should you donate to “OUR” dream?

What is really Anima Veneziana?

Anima Veneziana is a gift to the city of Venice, made by those who love it.

Anima Veneziana is a project that involves Venice and the Venetians in a story of its brighter side. It is non-partisan and non-profit. The adhesion of all those who took part in it was broad and sincere right from the start: hearts that beat to the rhythm of the same love.

Anima Veneziana is a short film that tells about Venice as the Venetians live and know it: a city worth visiting for more than two days, an ideal place fruit of centuries of history and love.

It was born from the desire to change the narrative of the city, plagued by the stories of his umpteenth death after high water and the closure during Covid 19. Despite evident difficulties, its citizens have never given up and have, indeed, found new energies and are now ready to face new challenges.

Anima Veneziana is the story of a bright, pulsating and vibrant city, made by real people who offer their arts, their talent and their passion as an antidote to death that many are always ready to announce. Not a city seen by drones, not only iconic places.

A city inhabited by Venetians, famous for their vision and their stubbornness: not actors, therefore, but citizens in flesh and blood, gathered around Venetian art and craftsmanship.

Making this short film means promoting the city and, once made, it will be available to all those who want to use it.


Anima Veneziana

Photo by RomInVenice


We therefore need the support and help of all those who love Venice: by donating you will be part of a unique project totally made in Venice by Venetians and city lovers. You will help to tell of a living city, rich in traditions and laboratory for a different world, made of solidarity and respect for one’s roots.

The goal is to produce a short film about Venice and the Venetians, entirely Made in Venice, for Venice, with the support of all those who love the city.

The film will highlight the various aspects of life in Venice: the moments of the day, the various categories of those who live and those who work there, in practice those who live it every day. It is not a film about the iconic monuments of Venice, but a documentary about Venice as a whole, intended as a city with all its inhabitants. It stems from the desire to make the real Venice known to the world, a Venice that must be discovered in depth.

Something that cannot be done in a couple of days of visit.

The film will be produced in two versions: a short version, which will be uploaded on Youtube, visible for free to the whole world and which can be used by anyone to promote a slow Venice; a longer version that will be presented at various national and international Film Festivals.

And how does the crowdfunding work?


donate to anima veneziana


The Crowdfunding was entrusted in transparency to the ABCOnlus Cultural Association, which is supporting the project and will allow the creation of the film Anima Veneziana.

The Crowdfunding has been divided into 4 stages. The reaching of each stage allows the achievement of the prefixed goal.

We will carry on raising money until our target is reached.

Donations have been divided into levels:

up to 90 Euros – donation only

from 100 Euros upwards, for each donation, a voucher of 10.00 Euros will be issued, which can be spent in Venice at one of the operators who joined the project.

At the time of donation, an email address will be requested to which the voucher will be sent together with a list of merchants participating to Anima Veneziana, how to chose the merchant and instructions on how to redeem the voucher.

You can donate directly on Anima Veneziana site, click here or via Facebook click here.

Anima Veneziana, a crazy dream for Venice!


You all probably think I am crazy to embark in something like this, right now with no work and a difficult financial situation.

But turns out there are a lot of crazy Venetians around, because when I started to explain what I was planning to do, so many residents and businesses, even though they are on their knees struggling after the acqua alta, the lockdown and the lack of work, have given me their total support, either offering their location for filming or offering their products and services for the crowdfunding.

And it turns out this project is doing something that has never been done before: is bringing Venetians together, all working with one mission.

To show the world that there is a real authentic Venice still waiting to be discovered.

That is why I ask you to donate, even a small amount!


And if you cannot donate (given this hard times) help us by sharing – the more awareness we create the more likely we are to reach our goal!

To all of those out there who truly love Venice: this is the time you can truly help!

Thank you!

Visit : Anima Veneziana for all more detailed information, to follow the crowdfunding and to donate!

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